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City Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month; beginning at 5:00 p.m at the Town of Browning Council Chambers located at City Hall, 124 2nd Avenue N.W.

The Mayor of the Town of Browning is William Morris.  City Council members include Steve Barcus, Terry Bremner, Alan Lukin and DeMerle Fitzpatrick.

Mayor Morris retained, Aldermen Steve Barcus and Demerle Fitzpatrick elected.

Running unopposed, Browning's Mayor Willie Morris won another term as mayor while Steve Barcus and incumbent Demerle J. Fitzpatrick were elected to the two vacant Alderman seats defeating Joseph C. Wippert, the only other candidate for the open positions. Former Alderman Paul Kingston's term is expiring, said city officials.

Glacier County Treasurer's Office

Glacier County will soon offer more services at Browning satellite office
(Feb. 07)

It looks like Glacier County will be offering more services at its satellite office in Browning in the near future. Browning Mayor Willie Morris met with the Glacier County Commissioners on Tuesday, Feb. 6, and offered the county commissioners approximately 200 square feet more office space after a soon-to-be-constructed addition to their Town Hall is completed. 

Glacier County Treasurer Kate Salois and Glacier County Sheriff Wayne Dusterhoff share one full-time employee who staffs the present satellite office. Morris suggested the county consider expanding the services currently offered to include: voter registration, obtaining and filing titles, paying taxes and obtaining birth and death certificates. 

Glacier County Commissioner Michael DesRosier also suggested trying to get the state's driver's license examiner to spend a few days a week in Browning. 

"I'm very happy with the progress we've made so far in expanding our service through our satellite office," said Salois. But she cautioned the commissioners and Morris to not rush into any agreements until she has the trained staff to provide the service. 

"Let's ease into this," said Salois, who would like her staff to first become familiar with the new motor vehicle system the state is implementing before offering additional services. Once they have received the proper training, and are familiar with the new program, she said she would feel more comfortable expanding services to the Browning office. 

"We are going to have all the organizational plates available in the satellite office after the remodel," said Salois. "Right now there is only room for the Town of Browning and veteran plates," she noted. 

As it is now, when a vehicle is bought from a dealer, the paperwork comes to the Cut Bank office and the owners of the vehicle have to make a trip to Cut Bank to register the vehicle. 

"Customers will now have the option when they buy from a dealer, to have the title work sent directly to the Browning satellite office," said Salois, offering this reminder, "The customer will have to request this at the dealership." 

"I think it's working," said commission chairman John Ray, of offering county services at the satellite office. He asked Morris to prepare a proposal for the county to rent additional space from the Town of Browning and to come back and present that proposal to the commissioners. "We need to know how much it is going to cost us," said Ray. 

Morris will prepare a cost estimate for an additional 200 square feet of office space and present it on Tuesday, March 6, at 10 a.m. At that meeting, the commissioners are expected to finalize an agreement to provide expanded services in Browning.